Movie Review: Cantinflas Biopic Movie

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Cantinflas is the untold story of Mexico’s greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time coming out this Friday, August 29. It’s the inspiration, the laughs and pride for our Latino achievements we needed in a movie.

As many Latinos my generation, I grew up watching the Cantinflas movies thanks to my parents. I had no choice really, my dad owned the entire collection of movies in VHS version and every weekend he would pop them in and we would watch. In a few seconds we were drawn into the magical world that only Cantiflas could create.

His art, style and comedy spoke to all ages and all economic statuses. In all the blabbering and apparent incoherent talk he’s best known for; there was truth, a truth that spoke to the humble audiences in Latin America. He was a defender of the poor and called out injustice in a fun and relatable way and this Pantelion movie successfully highlights aspects of Mario Moreno’s life and career that we didn’t see in his original movies.

This movie takes you through Mario Moreno’s life’s journey. From his humble origins on small town stages to his success in Hollywood, this movie successfully transports you through the eras and makes you nostalgic for the old Mexico cinema, the glamour of Hollywood and makes you miss the charmer of generations, Cantinflas.

We highly recommend this movie and applaud Mario Moreno not only for the impact he had on screen but also for devoting his life to helping others through charity and humanitarian organizations, especially those dedicated to helping children. His contributions to church and orphanages made him a folk hero in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.