Not Your Average Military Gear – Making an Impact with Style!

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Who says you can’t be stylish and do good at the same time? We have a new favorite brand that will make us proud to carry and showoff our handbags, backpacks, messenger and tote bags: Sword and Plough.

We recently came across a brand that found a unique way to preserve our planet while celebrating and helping our heroes, U.S. Military Service men, women and their families.

Sword & Plough has worked to achieve authentic and measurable social impact in the veteran community by recycling and repurposing military surplus such as tents, sleeping bag covers, uniform fabrics, camouflage canvas, and parachutes into their products. Since launching in 2015, they estimate that they have sourced more than 25,000 pounds of military surplus, which would otherwise be burned or buried in landfills. Like us, by repurposing textiles, they do their part to reduce the huge quantities of water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides and emissions involved in manufacturing new textiles.

In addition to up-cycling surplus fabrics into their products, they also employ environmental manufacturing processes such as 100% domestic sourcing of all fabrics and leather in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during transport.

Co-founders Emily and Betsy Nunez grew up at West Point and various U.S. Army bases, and Emily even went on to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army in Arizona, Colorado and Afghanistan. Through these experiences, Emily realized that her civilian friends and peers often did not understand the core aspects of service, patriotism and sacrifice, which motivated Emily and the service men and women around her in the Army. Sword & Plough bridges this civil-military divide through the following measurable activities:

  • Often speak publicly on the topics of veteran employment and the civil-military divide and has delivered more than 5,000 products to customers spread throughout the United States and the world. Each product carries an information card describing our social impact initiatives.
  • Leverages their communication channels to convey meaningful stories about service men and women. For example, Sword & Plough ran a yearlong campaign featuring the stories of servicemen and servicewomen to better explain the goals and sacrifices made by those individuals.
  • Sponsors public service announcements (PSA) in support of fundraising for veteran services including post traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Sword & Plough donates 10 percent of after-tax profits to organizations that support veterans. In particular, they look to support veteran employment, veteran physical and mental health, and civil-military understanding creating significant and measurable impact in six key areas of veteran civil reintegration:

  • Jobs
  • Health
  • Family
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Leadership

All U.S. active duty military personnel, veterans and Gold Star Spouses are truly appreciate for the sacrifices they have made for our country and as a small token of gratitude, Sword & Plough offer a 20% discount on all your orders.