Your Personal Marketing Plan (Part 1)

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 “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie

Today’s marketplace is by far different from what it was few years ago. The fast pace of evolving technologies makes these times as exciting as ever, however the downside is that not all schools are preparing their grads for a marketplace where the old rules no longer apply.

In addition, for those already in the marketplace looking for the next stage in their career, are finding out that it gets harder to stand out from the crowd. This bear these questions: How can you develop a career in an ever-changing economy? How can you get noticed and get ahead?

Your ability to outperform your competition by differentiating your skills and knowledge are determined by your ability to manage and keep with the changes in your industry (or chosen field). Successful companies know this, they plan their marketing strategies to address and manage change; unfortunately many individuals have no plan at all.

Why do you need a Personal Marketing Plan (PMP)

In my personal experience, I learned that to get ahead in these times, where the only constant is change having an entrepreneurial mindset is necessary to keep up with change. A Personal Marketing Plan (PMP) is vital if we are to harness and manage change. The same principles used in a Business Marketing Plan can be adapted to market the most important product in your life and that product is you! Developing a PMP can be equally effective when embarking on a career development or when dealing with any inevitable job change.

Framework  for a PMP

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The following framework has been adapted from “Marketing YOU, INC.–Preparing a Personal Marketing Plan.”  (prepared by Deborah Lawton for McGraw-Hill (this excellent appendix that you may want to check out in depth).

In addition to guiding your future, a PMP helps you to determine what is important for you and decide how to allocate your time and personal resources over a given time period:

  • Vision – What is my preferred future/career path that will fulfill my life purpose?
  • Mission – What do I need to do to realize my vision?
  • Objectives & Goals – Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can I use to measure my progress? What can I use as proof of the achievement of my mission/vision?
  • SWOT – What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats influence my situation?
  • Strategic Opportunities – What strengths and opportunities can I leverage? What weaknesses/threats I must be aware of and be on my guard?
  • Strategic Alternatives – Which career paths can I follow to achieve my goals?
  • Work Plan – What specific actions I need to do, by when?
  • Contingency Plan – What could go wrong? What is my Plan B? Plan C?

The timeline of a PMP plan varies according to your particular needs or depending at what stage of your career you are currently in. Personally, I have been working on my PMP for three years now, and I keep updating it as my professional career evolves.

Yes, you may argue that it takes time or that you are too busy to create a PMP. However, if you do not do it for yourself, nobody will! Very few people take the time to write down a formal plan, so a PMP is one major way to get a jump ahead of your competition. This is what will set you apart from the rest because you will be prepared.

By writing down your PMP, your intentions will turn into tangible actions! Let us know your thoughts and how do you approach getting ahead in your career. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Your Personal Marketing Plan!