Roni Plascencia: Latina Entrepreneur and Dessert Artist Grew Her Business with Instagram

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Veronica (Roni) Plascencia, born in Tijuana and raised in Mexico City, is not your typical baker, she’s a dessert artist.

Baking since an early age, Roni was born to create elegant awe-inspiring sweet dessert creations.  She first started with helping her mother, who was a professional cake maker, in the kitchen as a a young teen.  Roni admitted that she didn’t have a passion for baking then.  It wasn’t until she had her first child that her natural sweet skills, inspired by her mother, that she started exploring the idea of baking for her family.

In fact, when Roni started baking it wasn’t intended to start a business, it was a way to cope with postpartum depression, a very common symptom, affecting 1 in 8 women during the first months after childbirth.  In order to avoid taking medication so she can continue to breast feed her child, she found baking as an alternative to keep her mind busy.  An alternative that lead her and her family towards a new business and success, called Roni’s Sugar Creations.

Baking for almost a decade, the Latina entrepreneur dessert artist has built an impressive award-winning portfolio.  Roni’s Sugar Creations has been featured in magazines and popular blogs, such as: Mingle magazine, Hostess with the Mostess, The Honest Co. Ceremony Magazine and others, to name a few.  And, most recently  she launched Maison du Bonbon, a  French inspired online store for cake decorating supplies, giving access to her community the tools they would need to make their own sweet treats, inspired by Roni’s Sugar Creations, of course.

Comadriando with Roni

After coming across Roni’s Sugar Creations Instagram profile one evening, I had to reach out to her to talk about her career as a dessert artist, her growing Instagram community, and what’s next as a Latina entrepreneur and mommy of three.  So I attended one of her Apple designs workshops to comadriar.

I came across your business on Instagram when I fell in love with one of your apple designs as I was exploring posts.  It was then when I noticed on your profile that you host Signature Candy Apple Classes.  When did you start using Instagram as a tool to promote your workshops?

I first started with Facebook, but then they started charging small businesses to promote their page.  Which has made it really hard for small businesses like me. It was about a year ago I started using Instagram and started learning on my own.  I had no one to tell me or show me what to do.  I saw that by posting some family photos and mixing it with business, people really wanted to know who I was and that I was real.  I saw that my followers were growing and now I am almost reaching 23k followers.  It was then I finally decided to let my babies go (which she calls her dessert creations).  I decided to teach what I know and turn it into a business.  Why not teach all the fans that I have?  When I started hosting my workshops, they immediately sold out within days.

During today’s workshop I asked all attendees how they heard about your class, and they all responded with the same answer, Instagram.  There were guests that drove over 150 miles to attend.  Are your classes only available in Southern California?

I started teaching in San Diego and now Los Angeles and Fresno.  I’m going to Miami to be a part of CakeExpo.  I’m also planning to travel to Canada, and Mexico City to teach.

During your workshop you also encourage your students to start their own business and even advice what to charge for the desserts they just learned how to create.  What’s the inspiration behind that?

I do it because nobody helped me or told me how to do this and it took me a long time to learn.  I think you’re blessed when you have the opportunity to help others.  I know that a lot of my students have a family and they’re a stay at home parent and need a little extra money, so why not.  It’s a blessing when you share what you know with others.

What other classes are you going to teach?

I’m going to start teaching cake pop classes, oreo treats and cupcakes. It will be over time as I’m mastering certain designs.

So what’s next for Roni’s Sugar Creations?

I don’t know as of yet, I have a family and it’s hard to balance both.  But I am hoping to write a book or open a little store of my own.  What I do know is that I would like to continue to teach, it’s what I like.


Without a doubt Roni has a bright and successful future ahead of her.  I can already see her having her own Food Network show and made into a household name.  She is a very humble woman with a big heart and clearly you can see that all her work is done with creative passion.  We will continue to keep an eye on her creative designs on Instagram, it’s hard not to.  Her desserts look amazing, don’t you agree? 


If you would like to take one of her dessert classes, check her Eventbrite page for upcoming workshop dates in your neighborhood.  You can also support Roni by following Roni’s Sugar Creations on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  In fact, if you love her story send her a tweet now by clicking below: