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Shopswell helps you shop smarter

Finding trustworthy online reviews can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing, Shopswell. It’s a website that’s built to foster a trusting community where shoppers can follow each other, comment and post personal product reviews to help other members find the best item to meet their needs.

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Shopswell on #LatinaGeeks
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When browsing Shopswell, members are encouraged to create their own shopable lists. The lists can cover anything from the latest makeup craze to the newest tech gadgets. You can find anything on this site. Seriously. Here’s a sample of topics:

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Shopswell features

Shopable Lists – Members can build or browse curated lists on a myriad of topics including, but not limited to, automotive, beauty products, lawn and garden, music, tech and gadgets, fashion and home decor.

Questions – The feed provides an avenue for members to post real-time queries on anything from the best detergent to remove stains to the perfect engagement party gifts, and receive instant feedback directly from their peers.

Rewards Program (cha-ching!) The incentive program pays over $10,000 per month to members who earn the most points by contributing to the Shopswell community. In three easy steps, members can sign up for free, choose how’d they like to receive rewards, and start creating content.

Shopswell incentive program

As previously mentioned, Shopswell breaks it down into three steps. Anyone who is a registered member of the community and resides in Canada or The United States can take advantage of the incentive program.

Step 1:
Sign up for free. Fill out the registration form and choose how you’d like to receive your rewards. Once you are approved, you’ll be ready to get started.

Step 2:
Create quality content. The site is a community of people helping each other make the right buying decisions. Share your experiences by writing articles,reviewing products, answering questions, and creating robust lists about products you own, have tried, trust and endorse.

Step 3:
Earn rewards. Quality content pays off. When users read and share the content you create and answers you provide, you earn rewards points. Those points can translate into money which you can receive as a gift card or cash. You may also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

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The Shopswell mobile app is also available for both iOS and Android devices!

Android App:
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Are you currently a member? Share your tips with us in the comments below!