Siempre Tarde? Twist App Let’s People Know When You’ll Arrive

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Have you used these words to your friends and family ladies, “I’m just ten minutes away”, but be honest, you’re really 30-45 minutes away or worse, haven’t left the office!  Without a doubt, being late is expected within our Latino culture.  I mean, who shows up to a fiesta right on the dot?  Not us!  Well, it may be common in the Latin culture, but unacceptable to people who feel that their time is valuable and definitely not okay with a client or your boss.

We may have a helpful solution for those who are always running tarde and for those who are always victims of waiting patiently for them.  We all have them, friends that are time-challenged, the one who is always 10-15 minutes late (that’s me sometimes) or the high maintenance friend who is always 1-2 hours late, I mean c’mon chicas!  When the Twist app was released, I was curious to see how this app could possibly help me manage my time better.  Let me just say, it’s one of my most used apps on my mobile phone!  I love it, my friends love it, my family loves it and my clients are impressed by it.

So what’s so wonderful about Twist?  Take a look at the video below:

Twist has been one of the most accurate ways to let people know when you’re going to arrive to your destination. It’s almost amazing how accurate it really is.  It’s perfect when you’re meeting up with the BFF’s, or running late to an urgent business appointment.  You don’t want to be late to a meeting with a very important client or a first date with that hottie who finally got the courage to ask you out!  Twist definitely makes life easier by eliminating the stress and headaches caused by uncertain wait times and travel delays.

Sending a Twist is Easy!

Features I Love About Twist:

  • Twist’s innovative scheduling system accounts for traffic, different modes of transportation and your own habits when estimating your arrival time.
  • If you are running late, Twist can automatically send an update to that poor soul who’s waiting for you to let them know your current location and ETA in real time.
  • No more texting and driving to let that person know that you just left the house, how far you are or that you’ve arrived!
  • Notifications can be sent via email or text message.

LatinaGeeks ApprovedTwist app is FREE to download and it’s available for both iphone and android mobile users.

So what do you think mujeres, would this app save your friendships, relationships or possibly your job! Tell us what you think of this app below and share your comment.

Twist is #LatinaGeeks Approved.