Snapchat introduces Snap Map – A new way to interact with friends and the world!

Snapchat's "Heat Map"
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Snapchat just rolled out a new update where users are sharing location with friends (& the world)! Think of it like Instagram location stories… but better.

Snap Map allows you to share location with friends for easier meet-ups. The point is so that you can discover areas near you where big events are happening and places you can explore. Snapchat wants you to get out and discover your area with friends and new friends.

It also allows you to basically “travel the world” through Snapchat. I tested it out and zoomed in on the Greek Islands and saw fresh tzatziki being made! You can also see what’s happening at big events like VidCon in Anaheim all from your Snapchat app.

How It Works

Open the Snapchat camera and make a zooming out motion on the screen. This should zoom out to the image of an interactive map where you’ll immediately see friends and local events for you to catch up with.

Check out events and popular areas near you!

There’s a “heat map” feature where you can even see how populated a certain area is. At any point you can press the color coded areas on the screen and watch what’s going on there.

To add to your local Story, just add your snap to “Our Story” which should be displayed under “Your Story”. Give it a try!

Snapchat’s “Heat Map”
See where your friends are. Choose who can view your location.
Add to “Our Story” to add your photos to the stream.











The update rolled out to all iPhone and Android users, so you’re free to explore!
Safety Tip: Be aware that with this update, your location is being shared to your Snapchat friends. You can edit this by going to your Settings. Let just your Snap friends see you or only a select few. You can also go on Ghost Mode if you do not want your location being shared at all.
Happy Snapping!
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