Snu:mee – The baby mp3 player and baby monitor all in one

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As a new parent, you’re always trying to find different ways to help your babies relax, be entertained and sleep better. Snu:mee may be able to help with that.  The baby music box is an mp3 player and a baby monitor all in one and can be controlled from your smartphone device via their Baby Stars Rock 2 sleep App, which is iOS and Android compatible.

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Want to check on your baby while you work around the house?

Snu:mee can connect securely through Wi-Fi with the Baby Stars – rock2sleep App and can let you know when your baby needs your attention. You can even listen in the baby’s room or even enjoy speaking to your child through the App. It works in both your home Wi-Fi network and on-the-go wherever snu:mee can provide its own Wi-Fi network – no router needed!

Baby Monitor - always a safe connection

Baby music box included.

Baby Stars – rock2sleep gives you endless music options. snu:mee comes with 12 lullabies and also includes soothing nature sounds.

Beyond lullabies, soothing nature sounds and other tunes. snu:mee also allows you to record your own voice. Which allows you to record songs or read stories to share with your child at any time. Finally a baby music box that allows you to control what is being played, how long you wish for it to play, and most importantly the volume in which it plays.  With the switchable 60 decibel limit function, snu:mee will never be too loud for your baby’s sensitive hearing.


Snu:mee grows with your baby.

While traditional baby monitors and music toys become useless after a short amount of time, snu:mee grows up to be your child’s first MP3 Player. With its internal 4GB memory there will always be enough space for music, audio books and stories in all common file formats.

Snu:mee’s internal speaker and headphones output have good quality that your child will continue to want to use it. The internal rechargeable battery offers playback for many hours. Transfer your music, audiobooks and stories with ease – either wirelessly with the Baby Stars App or from your computer with the supplied USB cable.


snu:mee grows up

Snu:mee is controlled by an app.

Download their free App, which is available on the app store or google play and turn your smartphone into snu:mee’s control center.

Here you can easily and intuitively use the music player, manage playlists and use the baby monitor. Your smartphone will become the receiver, therefore, you won’t need another device. This is one reason why snu:mee is so convenient on-the-go.

And if you don’t have a snu:mee yet or forgot to bring yours, the free app can turn your phone into a baby music box offering the same songs and nature sounds that are installed on snu:mee.




Want to know more?

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