Start 2018 by Setting Your Financial Goals

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2017 has taught me many lessons, I learned that it is never too late to grow and continue learning.  Anyone that knows me knows that I shy away from numbers and finance.  Starting in 2018, I am working for a company called LPL Financial, that offers financial services and customer service to independent financial advisors. LPL Financial is the second largest independent broker-dealer in the U.S. Starting off on this new journey has had me thinking about my financial goals.

Since I started, I’ve been exposed to the financial industry, and I’m excited for what the future will bring. Why? Because, if I am truly smart and play my cards right, I have the power to set my financial goals and also estimate my retirement and I would like to share what I’ve discovered with you. After all, we #LatinaGeeks like to share everything we learn with our community.

While everyone’s circumstances are a little bit different, there are essentially four steps to creating a strategy for meeting your goals that will work for just about every person and situation:

  1. Identify your most important short, medium, and long-term financial goals.
  2. Estimate how much each of your goals will likely cost.
  3. Set up separate savings or investment accounts for each of your major goals.
  4. Choose investments suited to meeting each of your goals based on your time frame and your tolerance for risk.

Source: FINRA (It is a non-governmental organization that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets. The government agency which acts as the ultimate regulator of the securities industry, including FINRA, is the Securities and Exchange Commission.)

Lets Get started!

Retirement Estimator

Are you ready for retirement? Plug in some numbers ­­­­in this retirement calculator and do the math, when will you be able to enjoy that Margarita on the beaches of Cancun?

The Retirement Estimator gives estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates. This can’t provide your actual benefit amount until you apply for benefits.

Are you a senior investor with questions about your brokerage account statement or an investment in a brokerage account? Need Assistance for your Super Senior 55+ at home? Contact the FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors

A toll-free number that senior investors can call to get assistance from FINRA or raise concerns about issues with brokerage accounts and investments.

Call 844-57-HELPS (844-574-3577)
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time

Are you concerned that your account may have been mishandled by a broker? To help you with these and other investment-related questions, FINRA provides the Securities Helpline for Seniors®.

Who Should Call?

Seniors who have questions or concerns about their investment accounts.

Why should you call?

To better understand how to review your investment portfolio or account statements; or to raise concerns about the handling of a brokerage account

There are many tools and subject matter experts out there, find a Financial Advisor that fits your needs and you are comfortable speaking with.

AARP also has a great site that provides additional tools to get ready for retirement:

Looking forward in meeting up with you on the beaches of Cancun with a Margarita in our hands.

Disclosure: Opinions are my own and not affiliated with brands or companies mentioned in this article.