Brittney Rodriguez holds a degree in Accounting from The University of Texas (#HookEm) and started her professional career in Finance at The Boeing Company. She has seven years of industry experience in Finance, Aerospace, and in Tech as a Financial Analyst, Customer Success Manager, Application Engineer and most recently in Business Operations. Her transition into an internal role at an IT Consulting firm has allowed her to focus more on the business side and to strengthen her technical skills as they relate to Business Insights & Analytics, Storytelling with Data, and Project Management.

Because of her nontraditional route into tech, she is passionate about and intentional with sharing her experiences and lessons learned with students and young professionals. She does this through offering 1:1 mentoring and guidance to help others navigate through their college and early career experiences. She is also an advocate for Women of Color in Tech, Latinas in Tech, as well as underrepresented minorities in her field.

She’s always been one to gravitate towards being a “problem solver” and ensuring that she understands the bigger picture before implementing a solution. One of the things she enjoys most about working in tech are the endless opportunities and challenges that push her outside of her comfort zone.

“Just because it’s not your plan doesn’t mean it’s not your destiny.” – Jessica Matthews, CEO of Uncharted Power #GHC18