As an Impact Strategist, Claudia comes with 20+ years of professional experience working in the nonprofit sector. Her expertise lies in leading collaborative efforts to build-capacity for organizations and streamline operations. Due to the diverse work experiences and environments she has operated in, Claudia has developed an intimate knowledge of what it takes to design infrastructure within organizations, companies, and cities to drive positive community development.

Claudia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology, minor in Spanish and a specialized MBA with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship. She has received formal training in understanding human behavior, human systems, business best practices, strategy development, and diagnosis of organizational structures and processes. Claudia has utilized that knowledge and skills to implement pilot innovation projects, form partnerships, maximize public funds, and deliver optimal learning experiences.

Currently, Claudia works as part of the #LatinaGeeks team to establish systems and structures to support optimal operations for the organization. Her primary focus is to identify and share best practices for program development, evaluation methods and tools, and recruitment of leadership team members.