Lisa Laporte’s professional career spans over thirty years as a Corporate Controller, CFO, Consultant, CEO, and Founder in a wide variety of businesses, with an emphasis on startups. Throughout her career, Lisa has established expertise in growing startups, building successful and diverse teams, establishing robust and successful partnerships through business development, and in generating income. From very early on, Lisa approached her professional positions with a passion for learning and a desire to learn as much as possible and be more effective as a leader.

In any industry, Lisa Laporte worked hard to gather experience that she knew would help her in the future. Lisa has the drive to learn and achieve success, which pushed her to hone her skills and always look for the next opportunity to enhance her professional experience. While building her career, Lisa had the opportunity to create an extensive network, which benefitted her later.

In her 30s, Lisa Laporte decided she wanted to become an entrepreneur and founded her own consulting business. During this time, Lisa tapped into her extensive network for referrals and hired her first employee within a year. Soon, Lisa was working with 30+ businesses, performing a variety of C-level tasks for them. Eventually, Lisa decided she wanted to take her career in a different direction, which was when she joined

After she worked her way up to the position of CEO at, Lisa Laporte founded Artisanal Agency. Both are focused on new media; the first is a technology online broadcasting company, and the second handles advertising sales for other networks and direct clients.