Tech Out Your Summer With Outdoor Gadgets

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Summer is here, which means unplugging to enjoy the sun and gorgeous weather.  But being the geeks that we are, that doesn’t mean we need to leave our tech behind.  With so many advances in battery durability and solar panels in today’s technology its now possible to power up music systems, among other outdoor gadgets to continue the fiesta.  Nowadays you don’t even have to worry about getting your smartphone wet with all the rugged waterproof cases.  Just don’t get a little to carried away, we still have to be careful.

So what are the must-have gadgets for your outdoor entertainment this year?  Well it just so happens I have a few you and your geeky guests will appreciate.  Here are my top gadgets to have in your backyard or outdoor entertainment.

Please Don’t Stop The Musica

Dicen que los greatest parties last all night. FUGOO Style Wireless speakers do too. With a fiber-reinforced resin shell and durable waterproof covering, FUGOO Style doesn’t worry about party fouls like food stains and champagne spills. Plus, the FUGOO portable Bluetooth speaker comes in a classic design to fit right into any décor or fiesta. Don’t let poor sound quality or broken speakers spoil your good time.

Let There Be Light

Good times lead to long nights, but bright lights can kill the mood.  Adding solar-powered lights to your patio umbrellas may set a magical mood, along with solar lanterns that can be moved to wherever they need to be.  But the latest innovation lies in outlets and bulbs that have wireless technology built in.  The Philips hue lux A19 433706 Starter Kit can simply screw into your existing compatible outdoor lamps and sockets, and the included bridge lets you control brightness and create schedules from your smartphone.

Help La Cocinera in the Kitchen

Hosting a summer BBQ is much easier when you have technology by your side.  If you find yourself grilling often in the summer, you may want to invest in a Bluetooth thermometer, like iDevices iGrill, which will alert you when your carne asada is ready.  But if you end up getting stuck being the bartender of the event, then you will be happy to know you have a geeky gadget to help you mix hundreds of cocktails like a fancy world-class mixologist.  The Perfect Drink Scale and app will guide you to pour, shake and stir.  It even helps you prepare party pitchers, hey now!

Perfect Drink Scale

So who’s ready for a summer party?  Comment below and share your favorite summer gadgets this year.