The future of design is carbon negative and beautiful

One of the sectors of innovation especially exciting today are the companies focused on exponential technology to address the biggest issues facing humanity

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One of the sectors of innovation especially exciting today are the companies focused on exponential technology to address the biggest issues facing humanity.  IndieBio, an accelerator based out of SF helps to incubate many of these amazing companies, by transforming scientists into entrepreneurs. It was there, where I was introduced to Lingrove and also interviewed founder, Joe Luttwak.

Lingrove has created a new carbon negative material called Ekoa ® which is changing the game in industrial design and product development.

Joe is a self proclaimed tree hugger, musician and entrepreneur, who also has a successful guitar manufacturing business called Blackbird Guitars. With wood being the primary material in making a guitar, and deforestation one of the biggest contributors to global warming (20% of CO2 emissions), Joe decided to embark on a journey to create a composite material that would act and look like wood, only better. It was his love for the environment, that led Joe on a journey to find the perfect material that was just as strong and beautiful as wood, but made with sustainable materials.

Ekoa was born out of this journey. It is a composite material that is beautiful and sustainable. Ekoa is made from flax, the oldest plant fiber used for textiles by humans and the textile also known as linen. Flax is a wonderful plant because it only takes 100 days to grow (vs 300 years of old growth wood), is super efficient in water usage (vs cotton which uses a lot of water in its production), and it grows as a long continuous fiber, which is also happens to be the stiffest in nature. It is better than wood fiber and when combined with the proprietary resin developed by Lingrove, it is lighter, stronger, faster growing and better for the environment – in fact it is CO2 negative!

Taking a page out of the accelerator playbook, Lingrove recently announced the launch of
Lingrove Loft, a launchpad for natural composite products. Lingrove Loft is the first biomaterials product development accelerator created to help designers, engineers, and manufacturers explore good design with an entirely new class of materials—Ekoa, wood without trees.

I attended the Lingrove Loft launch, which was a packed house event aimed at encouraging industrial designers and entrepreneurs to develop new products with Ekoa.

Lingrove provides the know-how, space, and partners that will help designers take this material of the future from prototype to market. The Lingrove method is as follows:

  • Select – Create visionary products and structures with natural fiber composites
  • Develop – Rapid prototyping and development from proof of concept through manufacturing
  • Connect – Launch product via third party retailers and crowd-funding
  • Scale – Expand customer base, increase production quantities, and create product families
    Iconic design starts with better materials

Lingrove sees a world where high-performance, durable, beautiful, and carbon-negative products reverse climate change. If you are a product or industrial designer and have an idea for a new product that could be made from Ekoa, I encourage you to check out Lingrove Loft, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new movement that will reshape the world with better design through natural fibers.

Email with your application today.

This is not a paid post, I wholeheartedly support entrepreneurs developing technologies that will shape our future for the better. Check out Lingrove and some of the beautiful products they are bringing to market.