Tips for Creating a Safer Internet for Children

Facebook Parents Portal offers information related to kids and technology

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Nowadays, creating a safer internet for children is a top priority. The lure of likes, comments, and follows can be consuming for kids and that’s when access to resources promoting online well-being is important.

Facebook launched a new section called Parents Portal where parents can find the latest information from child development experts, academics and thought leaders about topics related to kids and technology. Videos and Q&As, as well as interactive polls, are available for parents to express their voice in important child safety conversations. in the Parent Conversations section of the portal.

Tips from Facebook:
  • Let your child know the same rules apply online as they do offline. Just as you’d tell your child to look both ways before crossing the street or to wear a helmet while riding their bike, teach them to think before they share online and how to use the security and safety tools available on apps and devices.
  • Be a good role model. The saying that children will “do as you do, not as you say” is as true online as it is offline. If you set time restrictions on when your child can use social media or be online, follow the same rules yourself.
  • Engage early and often. Data suggests that parents should be a part of what their children are doing online as soon as they start to participate. Consider adding them as a friend them when they create a social media account or an account on a messaging app, and have conversations with them often about what they’re doing and who they are talking when they go online.
  • Set the rules and know the tools. When your child gets their first tablet or phone and starts using apps, it’s a good time to set ground rules. It’s also a great time to take them through the basics of the tools available on the app. For instance, teach them how to report a piece of content and how to spot people who don’t have good intentions.
  • Ask your children to teach you. Children are often even more in touch with the newest apps and sites than adults, and they can be an excellent resource. The conversation can also serve as an opportunity to talk about issues of safety, privacy and security.

Do you know someone that is struggling with online bullying or thoughts of self harm? Visit the Well-being section of the Parent Portal.