Tips On Traveling For Those With Small Children That Need a Little Travel Confidence

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Before having a baby I would constantly travel both for work and for leisure, but as soon as the baby arrived, I lost my confidence to travel because I didn’t feel prepared to travel with her. Among my fears of traveling with my baby is that she’ll cry non-stop on a flight, or that she’ll take a massive poop and get it all over the place – because she’s already done that while eating at a restaurant – or that she will get sick and not easily get to her doctor from a far. So for a while, traveling with my baby was out of the question.

Traveling continues to be a strong desire, enough to finally go on our first family trip! I’ve had a couple of weeks to think about where I’m going, how I will get there and what I will take with me. I’ve come up with a few tips I’ve put together for other moms of small children that need a little travel confidence:

When traveling with a baby or small children:

  • Consider going to a place where you can rent a home, like the ones you can find on Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway. Renting a home or an apartment gives you the convenience you need to take care for a baby while getting away from it all. Now is the time to look into visiting that town or city you’ve been meaning to visit.
  • Take a road trip. This option goes great with the idea above! Depending on your baby and how comfortable he is in a car seat consider taking a road trip. Make sure to schedule stops along the way, avoid being on the road during rush hours and take plenty of entertainment so the ride is not too stressful on the baby.
  • An All-Inclusive Resort also offers a lot of services that can make traveling easy. All your meals are included, some resorts may cater to children and offer child care. A bonus is that parents with children “get you,” so no need to stress too much about young children being, well, children.
  • Similarly, consider a cruise designed for families with young children. There are so many activities you can do on board and if baby becomes fussy, you can always just go back to your room for that much needed nap.
  • Visit family – especially if it’s grandma(pa) or other family members that are just eager to spend time with your kids. Not only will it make them happy, it will give you a break from the everyday struggle of caring for a baby.
  • Avoid destinations that will only add stress to your trip. The beach is not for everyone because of the sand, especially if baby is at a stage that he/she takes everything to its mouth. I would also avoid traveling internationally because of the long flight hours and comfort. Remember that your baby does not have all vaccines yet and health and diseases in the U.S. are very different that other countries, be cautious.

When it comes to packing, take the essentials – but only you know what that means to you and your baby. If budget allows it and depending how much you want to carry with you (it gets tricky depending on how you are getting there – car, train, air, etc.), consider buying supplies once you arrive to your destination. Part of the stress comes with packing, so planning on buying supplies ahead may avoid the headache of packing too much.

For new moms like me, getting out is also a good idea to help with baby blues. Jumping back to what you loved doing is a great way to get over that sadness and loss of identity you may be struggling. Yes, you’ll have to make big adjustments to accommodate baby, but don’t stop doing what you love. So if travel is your thing, do it!