Top 6 Tech Companies Embracing Social Responsibility

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Corporate conscience is about giving back to the communities that keep businesses afloat. When companies have social responsibility initiatives, plus a social good culture, they allow customers and employees to feel satisfaction and feel good about the time and purchases they are making. It creates a sense of working and/or shopping for something that is bigger than themselves.

Here are #LatinaGeeks top six picks of social responsibility tech companies:

6. PG&E does its part to serve the communities of California. On Earth Day employees help clean and restore 18 state parks. They are exemplary members of Habitat for Humanity and volunteer by providing solar panels on new Habitat homes. Employee volunteerism hits inside the home, as well by participating in various food programs providing those struggling to make ends meet with care packages and thousands of pounds of groceries. The employees clearly care about their coast.

5. General Electric’s employees volunteer over 1 million hours per year! Donations from the GE foundation have supported senior centers, children with autism, literacy programs, and neglected urban spaces among many other programs. On Global Community Days, GE coordinates company-wide to address urgent projects around the world. GE knows that a helping hand starts in your backyard extends across the world.

4. Cisco’s initiatives cover every aspect of daily life. Global projects provide education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and disaster relief to areas in need. Cisco employee’s log more than 160,000 volunteer hours around the world in a year. Teams of Cisco employees called Civic Councils get involved in their local communities by organizing events and donation projects. Cisco asks their employees to, “be a part of the equation. You + Networks= Impact Multiplied.”

3. Verizon The Verizon Matching Gifts program matches employee financial donations 1:1 to qualified organizations. The spirit of giving doesn’t stop there. They also encourage employees to volunteer. If employees log more than 50 hours with an organization they can apply for a $750 grant awarded to the organization from Verizon.

2. Dell supports over 4,615 charities around the world.  Dell YouthConnect provides technology and educational facilities in 11 countries. The Dell Social Innovation Challenge provides funding and mentorship to college students to further projects that help solve social problems. Dell’s disaster relief program provides holistic assistance to communities affected by natural disaster around the world.  Dell’s employees are a social good force to be reckoned with.

1. IBM believes in Corporate Citizenship. Their social good projects extend across societal issues. Employees volunteer in environmental efforts, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture. Their year long volunteer initiative, “Celebration of Service,” logged over 3,00,000 hours of service. IBM has also established, “On Demand Community,” enabling employees and retirees to find volunteer opportunities, through trainings and placement.