Using Snapchat To Create Your Own Virtual Reality

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2017 is the year of VR (Virtual Reality)! If you haven’t already noticed the multitude of companies releasing VR products, you need to learn the wonders of it. First, let’s start with understanding what VR is and why it’s becoming so popular.

Virtual Reality is when technology creates images, sounds and simulations to mimic a real and physical environment. It can be immersive with the use of technology to create an overall interactive experience. Combining the physical world with technology is fun and it seems like Snapchat has took advantage of this new form of entertainment.

This all began when Snapchat introduced “Lenses” filters in 2015. Users use the selfie camera to swipe through different Lenses that now transform your face into different characters and settings. This became successful because of the interactive factor when sounds would arise with movement. Some brands even put promotion on the Lenses section so that users could interact with their ads.

In 2016, Spectacles were introduced. They are basically sunglasses that work just like Snapchat by recording a days worth of snaps on one charge. This brought the interactive side of Snapchat to the forefront by being able to record from a personal point of perspective. It changed the way Snapchat was used and the features on Snapchat changed to cater to them. For now, their availability is limited.

Currently, lenses have become the most interactive since the start. While you’re in the app, you can place a lens on your face but if you double tap the screen, the “theme” of the lens will change your view on the world. The app prompts you to “Look Around” and see the effect of the lens has on the space around you. For instance, when you put the filter of the flower crown on your head and switch the camera to the back on “lens mode” you will see pink bokeh and an added blush filter on your surroundings. The same goes for the fish filter that gives the illusion of being underwater. One lens even had qualities of a real flashlight which lit up the screen or turned it off when you tapped on the flashlight, giving an interactive aspect of VR.


Credit: @snapchatsupport

Snapchat is becoming parallel with Virtual Reality since our reality becomes interactive through the use of technology. Snapchat is one of the first big social media apps to implement a “VR” aspect. It is really exciting to see what is to come next. Will other social media apps be implementing VR in 2017? Stay tuned….

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