VidCon: Through the Eyes of an Aspiring YouTuber Sammi Santana

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VidCon is ideal for anyone who loves online video. This includes Independent creators, enablers and viewers. The creators lead the way to revolutionize online video and the ways we entertain, educate, share, and communicate.

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[/frame]High school freshman, Samanthah Santana of Orange, CA, is an aspiring YouTuber who had the opportunity to attend VidCon for three full days. What was she most interested in doing? Interviewing some of her favorite vloggers for her YouTube channel, of course.

Now if you are like me, I’m so out of date of who all these young famous YouTube people are, but Samanthah, also known as Sammi, is on top of it. Some of her faves are Our Second Life and SDK.

Sammi was able to connect with many YouTubers from throughout the world at the annual VidCon conference. “It was so nice to be able to meet all of the people I watch on YouTube,” says Sammi. “At one of the meet ups I took away an important message from Tyler Oakley. He told us that if you never start anything, you are never going to accomplish anything. So, start now, rather than in a year or you will be one year further from your goal. That really stuck with me and gave me ideas for my channel. I plan to interview a 12 year old rapper next month and thinking of making a dance video with a friend.”

What to Expect at VidCon:

  1. Lots of singing.
  2. Lots of dancing.
  3. YouTubers from around the world.
  4. A large expo hall and booths.
  5. A Festival area where they will have concerts.
  6. There will be a lot of people near the main stage. Get there early!

Take-aways from panels:

  1. Do videos for the passion of it, not for the fame.
  2. Just get started. Your videos will improve over time, don’t let fear prevent you from jumping in.

Sammi offers tips on how to prepare for VidCon:

  1. Have a plan – Who do you want to see? Map out your day and be prepared.
  2. Dress comfortably – As much as you want to look cute, you must dress comfortably, too. You will be walking all day. Wear the right shoes.
  3. Bring chargers – You will be taking lots of photos, so make sure to bring back up batteries and chargers.
  4. Bring SD cards – Again, lots of lots of photos. Bring extra SD cards for your camera.
  5. Have something for the YouTubers to sign – Things move quickly and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to grab an autograph from your favorite YouTuber walking around.

Do you have a teenager who has attended VidCon or is considering attending? Seems like it’s a fun, safe experience for the youngin’s.


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