Watch the New Annie Movie + Giveaway

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The original movie adaptation of the Broadway show Annie that came out in 1982 is the story of a little girl who was abandoned as a baby and raised in an orphanage/foster home ran by Miss Hannigan, a drunken selfish woman who is only a foster mother for the money.

Annie is an optimistic girl that despite her hard up bringing she manages to be a happy and sees the best in others and in life. As a Public Relations stunt, she lives with millionaire ‘Daddy’ Oliver Warbucks to improve his image. Annie manages to win over Warbucks seemingly hard heart, his assistant and the entire house staff with her witty and innocent ways. After saving Annie from potential danger Warbucks adopts Annie and they live happily ever after.

Annie Movie

There’s lots of excitement surrounding the new 2014 Annie Movie coming out Friday, Dec. 19 and set in modern day New York. The cast is a list of A-listers that is sure to bring their talent onto the screen and make this movie a great one. The one everyone seems to be talking about is Annie herself Quvenzhané Wallis who is nominated for a Golden Globe, her adorable personality in the trailer has won us over and has us eager to watch the movie.

Annie Movie

Although we have not yet watched the movie, we feel everyone should watch it and here’s why:

Great music

Annie is a musical so expect lots of singing and dancing. Even If you’ve never watched the original or Broadway version of Annie I’m sure you can sing along to the songs that are now a staple of American culture. You must relive everyone’s favorite song The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow and It’s a Hard Knock Life. And if your children don’t know these songs, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce these funs, upbeat and full of hope songs.

Positive Message

The overall message you will see in Annie is positive and loving. As part of the plot there are scenes of children being treated badly, and a scary sequence at the end in which Annie is in great danger, but good always triumphs at the end.

Opportunity to talk

Sometimes parents don’t have the opportunity to talk to their own children about those children that are part of our foster care system and what that means. Parents should always talk to their children about the blessings they have and how they can share those blessings with children that don’t have much. This movie can be an opportunity to talk to your kids about being grateful, caring for others and making a difference.

In celebration of the movie Annie and in honor to all our children who are part of our foster system, we are doing a giveaway! This fun package can be a way to start the conversation with your children. The package contains:

Annie Movie Giveaway

Annie Movie activity booklet, activity poster, stickers a Annie t-shirt and a Sandy plush dog, Annie’s dog who is essential to the movie’s plot.

Enter to win and watch the movie coming out in theaters Friday, Dec. 19.
We’ll Announce our winner that day at noon. Good luck!

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