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Featured #Geeks

NailSnaps Turns Your Instagram Pic Into Wearable Art

Written by Veronica Cid on . Posted in Tech Fashion


Listen up all you nail art loving, techie fashionistas. There’s a new app coming to help you get creative with your manicures.

NailSnaps, is an app that turns your photos into wearable nail art! Are you addicted to taking pictures on your smartphone or obsessed with instagram? Then you will love NailSnaps, its simple and easy to use. Customize your manicure with your fave photo.

NailSnaps is the creation of two women, Angel Anderson and Sara Heering, who took their love of instagram, nail art, social media and technology mixed it all up and viola NailSnaps was born!

NailSnaps is not currently available, but it has been funded via Kickstart and will be coming soon to iOS.  In the mean time, you can start snapping away and get creative with your pictures. I already have so many ideas for my own NailSnap manicures.  

Featured Geek: Reina Cabezas. She’s Geeky About Tech in Education.

Written by Tanya Salcido on . Posted in Apps & Software, Education, Featured #Geeks, Latina Entrepreneurs, Mobile, Startups

What is your full name and tell us about where you are from.

#LatinaGeeks - Featured Geek My full name is Reina Sofia de la Concepcion Picado Cabezas. Whoah! I am not usually asked for my FULL name and am not used to giving that out. I feel naked or like I just gave up my social security number.

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1975 a few years before the Sandinista revolution came down into the cities from the mountains in ’79. Since my father was a pilot in the Guardia Nacional for the Samoza regime at that time, we were exiled to the United States. We arrived in Miami, Florida in 1980, then emmigrated to California in ’81.

My dad was quite a visionary even at that time; he understood the role the sciences played especially in the Bay Area, and that coupled with all of the high quality, higher education institutions in the region was why he decided to bring us up here.

Mobile Technology: Money Management Apps For Tax Season

Written by Denisse Montalvan on . Posted in Apps & Software, Business, Mobile


Tax season is on its way and many are rushing to get their finances in order and probably filling taxes at the last minute. Luckily, with so many phone and tablet options at Sprint stores, you can manage your money and even file your taxes from the convenience of your mobile phone with apps.

We’ve done a quick search of people’s favorite money management apps and found a few that are completely for  informational purposes, no one can pull money in or out or move it to another accounts.

If these apps were to ever get hacked or fall in the hands of the wrong person they would only have access to your username and password, so just be sure to now use the same username and passwords for all your internet and app tools.

For added peace-of-mind you can register for Sprint Guardian to learn about different tools to protect your devices and family. You can also visit any store and learn how some of our phones have unique features such as facial recognition to unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4: An Office At Your Fingertips

Written by Jacqueline Diaz on . Posted in Apps & Software, Business, Gadgets, Latina Entrepreneurs, Mobile, Tech


The life of a mompreneur is never easy. Balance is always an issue and  finding enough time to do all the necessary things on your list almost never happens! “Ask and you shall receive” turned out to be much more than a tired cliche for me few weeks ago.

Some of you may recall that we here at #LatinaGeeks posted back on Valentine’s Day what favorite gadget we’d love to receive this special day. I wrote about wanting a mini iPad to help me get my tech game up and help me pursue my passion of journaling more stories of chica entrepreneurs. I also mentioned my cell being too small to take notes while I attended events and panel discussions. Besides…who wants to  carry around a cumbersome laptop all over the place?

Cesar Chavez Movie Review: The 5 Facts that Echo in Modern Day

Written by Denisse Montalvan on . Posted in Entertainment, Film


The Cesar Chavez movie does a great job of telling the story of a man’s fervent desire to help his people, of perseverance, struggle and ultimately victory. The movie did a good job of addressing the issues and abuse that the farm workers had to endure but I would have liked a more visual portrayal of the conditions to give us that wake-up call we sometimes need to see. That visual portrayal would help put our own lives into perspective. Either way, the movie was great and I hands-down recommend it. Here are some of the facts that stood out to me:

As seen in: