Why You Should Join the Mission

We recognize that our volunteers go above and beyond to support #LatinaGeeks in furthering its mission. Given the collective impact we are able to reach, it’s important for us to establish a reciprocal relationship with each and every one of our volunteers and supporters. Below are some of the opportunities we’d like to offer in gratitude of volunteer’s dedication and goodwill:

Continued Education

Organization-sponsored continuing education opportunities.

Grow Your Network

Network activation in technology, nonprofit, education and business sectors.

Professional Development

On-going professional development activities.

Social Recognition

Public recognition for volunteering commitments and achievements.


Mentoring activities to help grow individual leadership capacity.


Invitation to exclusive networking, conferences and community events.

Successful workshops
Latinas Impacted
Total Members

Open Volunteer Positions

Give Back to Your Community! 

#LatinaGeeks is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve in a variety of roles — from knowledgeable career mentors to chapter leads and support roles to marketing experts. Please review the brief descriptions of the volunteer roles and apply for the one that interests you. Your local chapter or our Managing Director will contact you to learn more about you and to share more information about the roles and responsibilities as well as other applicable details about the organization and processes.

Volunteer commitments are between 5-8 hrs per month

Overview/Description: The Chapter President of #LatinaGeeks plays a pivotal role in leading and representing the chapter, ensuring effective collaboration among volunteers, fostering leadership development, and organizing impactful programs and events. This position requires a dynamic individual with strong leadership skills, excellent organizational abilities, and a passion for empowering Latinas in the technology space.


  1. Demonstrate Leadership:
    • Serve as the authoritative leader and spokesperson for the Chapter.
    • Exhibit leadership within the chapter and actively engage with the community.
    • Inspire and motivate chapter volunteers to align with the mission and goals of #LatinaGeeks.
  2. Team Collaboration:
    • Ensure cohesive teamwork among chapter volunteers.
    • Provide guidance to volunteers, encouraging the development of their leadership capabilities.
    • Foster a positive and inclusive team culture.
  3. Meeting Management:
    • Create agendas for monthly chapter meetings.
    • Preside over monthly chapter meetings, ensuring efficient and productive discussions.
  4. Programs & Events:
    • Host virtual and in-person chapter programs and events.
    • Manage the planning and execution of chapter activities.
    • Collaborate with sponsors to develop engaging topics that resonate with #LatinaGeeks members to drive attendance and participation.


  • Proven leadership experience, preferably in a volunteer or community organization.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.
  • Familiarity with event planning.

Overview/Description: The Vice President of the #LatinaGeeks Chapter is a key leadership role responsible for supporting the Chapter President and stepping in seamlessly when the President is unavailable. This position requires a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, and an individual passionate about advancing the mission of #LatinaGeeks in the technology landscape.


    1. Support Chapter President:
      • Collaborate closely with the Chapter President to ensure the smooth functioning of the chapter.
      • Act as a key advisor and confidant to the President.
    2. Leadership in Absence:
      • Step into the role of the President in their absence, ensuring continuity and effective leadership.
      • Oversee chapter activities and decision-making processes as needed.
    3. Meeting Facilitation:
      • Assist in creating agendas for monthly chapter meetings and preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
      • Ensure that discussions are productive and aligned with the mission of #LatinaGeeks.
    4. Programs & Events:
      • Work closely with the President to plan and execute chapter programs and events.
      • Host (or Co-host) of virtual and in-person chapter programs and events.
    5. Volunteer Engagement:
      • Assist in the onboarding of new chapter volunteers.
      • Support volunteers in understanding their roles, responsibilities, and communication platforms.


    • Previous experience in a leadership or advisory role.
    • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
    • Ability to make informed decisions in the absence of the President.
    • Demonstrated commitment to the goals and values of #LatinaGeeks.

Overview/Description: The Chapter Program Coordinator at #LatinaGeeks is a dynamic role focused on coordinating and executing chapter programs and events. This individual will play a crucial part in ensuring seamless logistics, both for virtual and in-person events, to enhance the overall impact of #LatinaGeeks initiatives.


  1. Logistics Management:
    • Coordinate all logistical aspects of virtual and in-person events, including setting up Zoom or other virtual platforms.
    • Ensure a smooth and efficient execution of programs, considering technical requirements and participant experience.
  2. Event Planning:
    • Collaborate with the Chapter team in planning and organizing chapter programs and events.
    • Set up events and timelines in Asana and delegate responsibilities to team members.
    • Collaborate with external vendors to secure facilities, catering services, and any other essential items required for the successful execution of an in-person event.
  3. Documentation:
    • Keep detailed records of program logistics, attendance, and participant feedback.
    • Send post-event survey to event participants.
    • Provide post-event reports to the chapter team for evaluation and improvement.
  4. Team Support:
    • Collaborate with chapter team to ensure they are equipped with the necessary information and resources for program execution.


  • Strong organizational and logistical skills.
  • Experience in event planning and coordination.
  • Familiarity with virtual meeting platforms (e.g., Zoom), Asana, and Microsoft Teams
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

Overview/Description: The Chapter Marketing Coordinator at #LatinaGeeks plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of marketing strategies for chapter events and initiatives. This position involves coordinating with the marketing team, managing branding assets, and overseeing promotional activities across various channels. The Marketing Coordinator will contribute to the chapter’s online presence, event promotion, and post-event engagement, showcasing the vibrant and dynamic spirit of #LatinaGeeks.


  1. Asset Coordination:
    • Ensure the marketing team receives all necessary assets for promotional activities.
    • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to meet deadlines for branding assets.
  2. Social Media and Newsletter Promotion:
    • Ensure the dedicated social media posts and newsletter promotions are done in a timely manner, by checking our social media channels and email.
    • Follow up with the marketing team for any gaps in promotion.
    • Promote chapter activities on your own social media platforms.
  3. Event Setup:
    • Set up Eventbrite and event webpages for seamless online registration and promotion.
    • Ensure availability of merchandise for in-person events.
  4. Content Creation:
    • Create engaging PowerPoint slides for each virtual event.
    • Capture photos at in-person events and store them in dedicated files for marketing purposes.
  5. Media Sharing:
    • Provide the marketing team with access to event photos and blog links for social media promotion.
  6. Merchandise Engagement:
    • Develop creative and engaging ways for the community to win #LatinaGeeks merchandise during event.
  7. Post-Event Activities:
    • Write post-event blogs capturing key highlights and experiences.
    • Post blogs with pictures and videos (if applicable for virtual events) on the #LatinaGeeks website.


  • Strong organizational and coordination skills.
  • Proficiency in creating engaging content, including PowerPoint slides and blog posts.
  • Familiarity with event management tools (e.g., Asana, Eventbrite).
  • Basic photography skills and experience in capturing event moments.

Creative mindset with a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

Overview/Description: The Chapter Community Outreach Manager at #LatinaGeeks plays a vital role in building and expanding the community presence in the designated market. This position focuses on fostering collaborations with external organizations, promoting cross-promotional activities, and actively engaging with educational institutions and employee resource groups (ERGs). The Community Outreach Manager will be instrumental in raising awareness about the chapter, recruiting volunteers, and ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community.


  1. Community Building:
    • Strategically develop and implement initiatives to expand the #LatinaGeeks community within the market.
    • Foster relationships with local organizations to enhance cross-promotion and community engagement.
  2. Partnership Development:
    • Collaborate with external organizations for cross-promotional activities, offering incentives such as discounts and free passes to paid events in exchange.
    • Cultivate relationships with educational institutions and ERGs to increase awareness and participation in #LatinaGeeks initiatives.
  3. Educational Outreach:
    • Conduct outreach to educational institutions to promote #LatinaGeeks and its mission.
  4. Volunteer Recruitment:
    • Actively recruit volunteers for in-person chapter events, fostering a sense of community engagement and participation.
    • Work closely with the chapter team to ensure a cohesive and enthusiastic volunteer team.
    • Maintain an ongoing list of potential volunteers, keeping it updated and organized for efficient outreach.


  • Strong interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Experience in community outreach, partnership development, or related fields.
  • Knowledge of local organizations, educational institutions, and ERGs.
  • Passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology and innovation sectors.

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Lead or support content development, community engagement, social media, email marketing, or graphic design                                                                                         

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Project management, administration, and organizational skills 
  • Experience in your desired marketing role 
  • Experience or ease of working remotely with teams
  • Has first-hand experience working with Latina/o communities and demonstrates cultural sensitivity to the needs of the population; ideally bilingual or bicultural

Time Commitment: 5-8 hours/month