Why You Should Join the Mission

We recognize that our volunteers go above and beyond to support #LatinaGeeks in furthering its mission. Given the collective impact we are able to reach, it’s important for us to establish a reciprocal relationship with each and every one of our volunteers and supporters. Below are some of the opportunities we’d like to offer in gratitude of volunteer’s dedication and goodwill:

Continued Education

Organization-sponsored continuing education opportunities.

Grow Your Network

Network activation in technology, nonprofit, education and business sectors.

Professional Development

On-going professional development activities.

Social Recognition

Public recognition for volunteering commitments and achievements.


Mentoring activities to help grow individual leadership capacity.


Invitation to exclusive networking, conferences and community events.

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Current Leadership Openings


An operations coordinator ensures human resources are properly allocated via matching skill sets to tasks and ensuring appropriate scheduling. They manage project management by creating work assignments, tracking progress, writing progress reports and troubleshooting issues that arise on a daily basis. The operations coordinator reports to the Executive Leadership Team.
The marketing coordinator reports to the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for the organization’s effective implementation of its marketing activities.
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