Have you ever attended an event—whether it’s a casual gathering with friends and their acquaintances or a professional event—and when you meet someone, they inevitably ask, “What do you do?”

Many people respond with their job title (e.g., “I am a Director,” “I am a mechanic,” “I am a VP”). In this session, our speaker will guide you through the process of creating your value statement, so instead of replying with your job title, you’ll be able to communicate your value in a way that benefits those listening and asking.

We believe that we are all so much more than our job titles. Join us to discover how to articulate your true value and make every introduction meaningful!

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Yanira Guzmán
Founder, The Career Gem

*This event is a part of our new series, “Poderosa Hour”- dedicated to empowering Latina professionals. Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming space where Latinas can embrace their authentic selves as they navigate their career journey. From practical tips to landing your dream role to fostering a supportive community, this series is your go-to destination for all things career development and empowerment. Join us for engaging conversations, valuable resources, and a community that’s as energizing as your midday cafecito.