In our increasingly digitalized world, the practice of data-driven decision-making has become not just commonplace but a prerequisite. The effectiveness of leadership and communication now relies heavily on the competence to collect, oversee, scrutinize, and present extensive quantitative datasets data and data insights. Even entry-level roles often presuppose or demand a fundamental grasp of data analytics.

As a result, data analytics is a sought-after discipline with many career path options for individuals looking to make a significant impact.  An analytics career will embrace all skill domains (within programming, math, and business influence) needed to truly effect change and drive measurable business value at nearly any company.

Join us for an enriching online data analytics workshop where you will gain exposure to vital data analytics principles- applicable across a diverse array of real-world contexts.

Meet our speaker:

Shealan Pream
Lead Academic Program Manager, WGU

In June 2022, Shealan Pream became a part of Western Governors University (WGU) where her primary focus lies in crafting, maintaining, and advancing analytics degree programs that closely align with the market’s demands and equip students to be well-prepared for job opportunities. She’s a true advocate for data education and places students’ needs at the forefront of her daily efforts.  

Throughout her career, Shealan has remained a champion of education, leveraging her market expertise and passion for fostering the growth of learners in K12 education, higher education, and adult education realms. Her journey to WGU was marked by over a decade of experience in Education Technology, including roles in account management, operations, marketing, and product management. She has also taken on responsibilities as a youth education coordinator and youth program advisor.  

 Shealan is an analytical problem solver and a diligent researcher, always approaching challenges with a collaborative mindset that makes her exceptionally skilled at crafting and executing successful strategies and product management initiatives. Shealan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship and is presently pursuing her Master of Business Administration from WGU.