Nominations for #LatinaGeeks Board of Directors

We are excited to announce our nomination opening for the #LatinaGeeks Board of Directors. It is our goal for the #Latinageeks board of directors to have a strong board to fulfill the mission of the organization. The election and appointment of Board members will enable #LatinaGeeks to meet our key objectives: (1) to ensure representation of Latinas on the Board, (2) to achieve board membership of individuals who have experience serving on national or corporate boards of directors, (3) a diverse Board; representative of geography, gender, age, race, and (4) to recruit board members who have significant expertise or skills which could improve the board’s ability to achieve its mission.

#LatinaGeeks will be conducting the elections during its last 2020 Quarter. All applications are due by Wednesday, December 15th, 2020.

The current positions up for election are as follows:

  • One (1) Chairman
  • One (1) Vice-Chair
  • One (1) Secretary
  • One (1) Treasurer
  • Four (4) Additional Board Members

Candidates must submit the following required documentation (due no later than 10-16-2020):

  • Completed Board of Directors Application
  • Signed Job Description Form (view below)
  • Biography, resumé, or CV.
  • Hi-resolution headshot (no selfies) in .jpeg, .tif, .png, or .pdf formats. Must be 300dpi or better.

ALL SUBMISSIONS are due by Wednesday, December 16, 2020, by (6:00 PM). All applications will be reviewed by the Governance Committee.