• Tech Equipment

      Regrettably, between 23% and 28% of Hispanic college students report technology disadvantages that hamper their participation in online learning. #LatinaGeeks is committed to breaking down these barriers for college students and early-to-mid career professionals eyeing a career pivot. We provide the necessary resources and support to help them excel. Your contribution will equip underserved community members pursuing education in computer science, engineering, coding, and other tech-centric subjects with indispensable tools and resources. Every donation, regardless of its size, makes a significant difference. Your support today can change a Latina's technology journey tomorrow.
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    • Tech Education

      Continuing education fuels the journey of lifelong learning by presenting a broad spectrum of programs. These include certification opportunities designed to align career pathways with individual ambitions and goals, as well as enhance skills for success in the digital-age workforce. By donating to this campaign, you will be instrumental in fostering change. Your contribution supports scholarships for our educational technology certification program, available to eligible members. Every single donation, whether a recurring monthly contribution or a one-time gift, goes entirely towards this transformative initiative. Your support today can make a lasting difference in the technology journeys of Latinas tomorrow.
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    • Support #LatinaGeeks Organization

      Since 2012, #LatinaGeeks has been on a mission to embolden Latinas by providing access to crucial tech and business resources. While our core purpose remains unaltered, our programs have diversified and grown, mirroring the needs of our vibrant community. Now, more than ever, we need your financial support. Your generous donation aids our volunteer-driven organization to keep up with these growing demands. It helps us shoulder our operational costs, which encompass a wide range of needs. This includes funding for our expanded programming, team training for consistent quality delivery, marketing initiatives for broader reach, essential tech hardware and software, as well as everyday supplies. Moreover, your contribution supports our administrative staff and covers our insurance costs, ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of our work. Your enduring support is the catalyst that powers our mission, and for that, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Together, we can continue to foster a future where Latinas play a significant role in the tech industry and beyond.
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