Analisa Felix is a career curiosity pro dedicated to helping others lean their career ladder
against the right wall – for them. She is the producer and host of The Work University Podcast,
a library of short career informational interviews for students of all ages where she takes
listeners for a peek behind the curtain of diverse careers. In each episode, Analisa finds out
what it’s really like to work in these jobs and takes us beyond the job description. She wants you
to know more about the career you’re getting into before you start spending time and

Analisa’s work experience includes over a decade in tech staffing and training technical systems
with companies like Microsoft and Cedars-Sinai. Analisa proves that you don’t have to be a
techie to work in tech.

Analisa is a second-generation Mexican American and earned her B.A. in Sociology from Arizona
State University. She currently serves as the University Relations Chair for the San Diego
chapter of Prospanica, The Association of Hispanic MBAs & Business Professionals. She is also a
proud advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Analisa is a volunteer within her community and has spoken in front of student organizations.
Through mock interviews, she provides assistance to students in organizations such as LA Youth
at Work and YearUp. In addition, she assists professionals in strengthening their interviewing
skills through consulting.

Analisa was raised in Mesa, Arizona, and now calls San Diego home with her wife, Blanca.