Denyse drives the vision, goals, and strategy for #LatinaGeeks. She is passionate about working towards a more equitable future for Latinas in technology careers and building strong partnerships to drive meaningful change. Denyse brings over 15 years of strategic business development and educational programming experience to the organization- most recently in her past role as the President & CEO of Silicon Valley Forum where she led efforts to provide venture capital resources and acceleration programs to international tech entrepreneurs, conducted industry-specific innovation programs for executives and government agencies, and led initiatives supporting access and resources to underserved communities.

In 2015, Denyse founded the Women in Tech Festival which has grown in size and impact year after year- with a commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive event that reflects the world we live in. Within the scope of the festival and beyond, she strives to support, promote, and encourage women’s achievements in STEM, entrepreneurship, and business careers.

Before working in the startup and technology ecosystem, Denyse was a corporate CFO and founder of a specialized moving company.

In her free time, she enjoys rooting for the Las Vegas Raiders, playing with her 2 dogs, and experiencing other cultures through reading, food, and traveling.