Laura Cancel is the CEO & Founder of NEDDIE, an end-to-end social impact platform that provides fast access to philanthropy, exposes great causes, and is changing how people give back.  
NEDDIE is focused on expanding the possibilities for people to find and support small to medium sized charities in the US and Puerto Rico, and empowering donors to choose how to help thus making philanthropy accessible to everyone. 
Laura’s mission is to help people in need by helping the nonprofit industry thrive and providing the opportunity for everyone to become involved in philanthropy. 
In 2017, Laura co-founded the nonprofit Puerto Rico We Care and created a tool with a focus to expedite the delivery of donations to hurricane devastated areas of Puerto Rico. A former Amazonian, Laura collaborated with the Disaster Relief department at Amazon by bringing ideas to the table on how to better manage and support people in need during natural disasters. These experiences inspired Laura to create a platform to make donations simple while developing products needed for nonprofits to fundraise successfully- NEDDIE. Laura received the 2018 Entrepreneur of The Year Award by the League of United Latin American Citizens, Puerto Rico Chapter. 
Laura has been active in the nonprofit and education community for over a decade. She excelled as an educator, worked as a translator for Spanish speaking immigrants at hospitals and schools and with the University of Washington as a researcher for the Hope IV program, helping people living in low-income housing. 
Through her passion for nonprofits and helping others she was inspired to build tools to drive change and enhance the nonprofit industry. Laura is a nonprofit consultant and an active mentor to other entrepreneurs and women-in-tech. She is an advocate for women, especially Latinas, inspiring them to continue breaking barriers and grow their presence in the tech industry.