Natalia was born and raised in Mexico City. When she was around 16 years old, she figured out she was a “people person”. She was always worried about others and wanted to make sure everyone around her was happy. Later, Natalia decided she wanted to pursue a Bachelors in Tourism Management so she could be a professional in making people happy through travel and tourism.

Natalia has worked in leisure and travel companies, and more recently, she worked in an influencer marketing agency, also directly related to helping fulfill customer needs. After a couple of years of observing and researching the HR situation in different companies, she decided to take advantage of her passion for being around people and making things happen, so last year, she enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management.

Since last year, Natalia has lived in Santa Clara, CA, with her husband and dog Princess. She loves spending time with them, reading, going to the beach, hiking, and discovering new places.