Sophia grew up in rural Idaho, coming from a second generation Mexican American Migrant farmworker family, they always encouraged her to obtain her education. After earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, she worked as an Educational Specialist for the TRIO Programs, preparing and helping thousands of first-generation underrepresented students go on to college. She worked on several boards in her community, promoting education and access to higher education, even helping to launch a professional technical high school in her hometown.

Sophia’s passion to make a space for Latinx and other groups of color in the corporate world, helped her make the decision to transition into the tech industry. She has worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft leading a new space for non-traditional talent to upskill to become software engineers from inside the company. She was a Technical Emerging Talent Recruiter at Meta, focusing on finding and bringing Front End Engineering talent to the company. She is now a Technical Early Careers Recruiter at TikTok finding and hiring the best software engineering talent in the country. Sophia loves having frontline access to hiring opportunities in tech. As a recruiter she collaborates with many Latinx recruiters to promote DEI across all of the big tech companies. She believes the key to unlocking potential is creating opportunity. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her 2 children, traveling to new places, hiking the trails of Seattle, tasting tequila and watching live sporting events. Futbol is life!