Born in Mexico, my journey in the tech world started with a non-technical degree in international business administration. Little did I know that this path would lead me to cross borders and shatter stereotypes within the technology industry. 

 My career has taken me on a remarkable journey spanning multiple countries, including Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Along the way, I’ve donned the role of a Senior Technical Project Manager. What’s more, I’ve harnessed the power of language, becoming fluent in four: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. 

 Yet, my passion reaches far beyond corporate settings. It finds its true calling in mentorship, where I’ve guided a diverse array of individuals, from ambitious students to seasoned project managers and software engineers. My unwavering commitment to helping others carve their own paths to success knows no boundaries. 

 As someone who cherishes nature and animals, I draw inspiration from the beauty of diversity in the natural world. I firmly believe that by embracing diversity and fostering inclusive leadership and engagement, we can unlock the full potential of our differences and drive innovation and prosperity within our organizations.