#LatinaGeeks is proud to partner with Cox Communications to delve into the valuable knowledge of Web App Services within Cloud Computing. This will be part two of a 2-part series containing a workshop with an interactive Q&A  

Learn how to build and host web application with Azure App Service! With Azure App Service you are able to use the programming language of your choice and not have to worry about managing the infrastructure (i.e. hardware/operating system) your application runs on. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of hosting a web application with Azure, learn how to create a web app via the Azure portal, and explore tools that can be used to create and deploy your code. 

*This is an intermediate-level session.

Instructor from Microsoft 

Recommendations and requirements:

  • Must register via Eventbrite registration page. 
  • All registered #LatinaGeeks attendees will receive an email before the event to join the link on the browser to access the webcast. 
  • Recommended browsers: For the best experience, please use one of these browsers Edge, New Chromium Edge, Chrome or Firefox. 
  • Prepare Your Environment: Do this step ahead of time it should take you 15 mins at most. 
  • Git preinstalled. 
  • IDE: Visual Studio, VS Code, or any other you feel comfortable with. 
  • Azure Portal Account (Its free to sign-up and you receive credit do this step a day or two before workshop). 
  • No technology experience needed. 


Cox Communications 

Twitter: @coxcalifornia  

FB/IG: @coxcommunications 

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