Lala Castro, the co-founder and Executive Director of #LatinaGeeks since 2012, is a self-taught entrepreneur, e-commerce pioneer, and the owner of a digital marketing agency, Lala Castro Media. Lala used her early experiences to become a powerful force for change. Although she lacked a traditional tech education, her passion and determination led her to successfully establish an online business in 2004. She recognized the need to support other Latinas on a similar journey, leading to the birth of #LatinaGeeks, a nonprofit committed to empowering Latinas through tech education, mentorship, and resources.

Under Lala’s leadership, #LatinaGeeks expanded from local hands-on workshops in Southern California to a presence across the West Coast, online events nationwide, and parts of Latin America. This impact has been widely recognized, with features on Univision and prestigious awards such as the Women of Influence Award, Women in Power, Alma Latina Award, and Mujer Legendaria Award. In 2019, San Diego proclaimed July 10th as #LatinaGeeks Day, acknowledging their tremendous contributions to Latinas pursuing technology careers.

Lala’s vision for #LatinaGeeks is ambitious yet grounded in real need: to see Latinas, who currently hold only 2% of STEM jobs, represent half of all women in the tech workforce. She also collaborates with organizations focusing on entrepreneurship and small businesses owned by people of color, offering workshops to equip them with vital tech tools.

Guided by her personal motto of embracing the unknown and refusing to let a lack of resources hinder success, Lala’s tireless dedication fosters a supportive community ethos. Her legacy is a testament to the power of unity and mutual support, proving that when women win, the whole community triumphs.