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The Fundamentals of Data Analytics with WGU


#LatinaGeeks partnered with WGU on November 30th for a discussion in Navigating the World of Data Analytics, in which Shealan Pream unveiled essential aspects of this dynamic field. 

The workshop underscored the indispensable role of data analytics in modern decision-making, emphasizing its influence on leadership and communication. Participants learned that Data Analytics is an ‘umbrella term’, offering diverse career paths, whether technical or business-oriented, also known as AI/ML, data science, and more.  

We learned the importance of acquiring adaptable skills aligned with the data analytics lifecycle, acknowledging the ever-changing nature of tools in the field. Shealan emphasized the importance of focusing on skills, rather than tethering participants to specific tools, and that success in data analytics demands a balance between programming, math and crucially, business influence.  

So much information was packed into this workshop, and we want to thank Shealan and the WGU team for providing such valuable insight and tips on data analytics to our community.  For attendees who joined us, we hope you left the program filled with knowledge and inspired to apply these learnings in your career path. 

Look out for our future workshops for an opportunity to learn from and engage with our speakers and partners.  Be sure to tap into the valuable resources being offered for opportunities to take your career to the next level! 

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