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The Fundamentals of Data Analytics with WGU

  #LatinaGeeks partnered with WGU on November 30th for a discussion in Navigating the World of Data Analytics, in which Shealan Pream unveiled essential aspects of this dynamic field.  The workshop underscored the indispensable role of data analytics in modern decision-making, emphasizing its influence on leadership and communication. Participants learned…...

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Professional Growth Workshop – Unleashing Your Personal Brand and Job Resiliency 

  #LatinaGeeks partnered with Intuit on Saturday, September 23rd, to host a Professional Growth Workshop that featured an insightful panel discussion and a hands-on workshop. The event was an opportunity for attendees to explore personal branding and gain valuable insights into the Intuit hiring process and job resiliency.  The day…...

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Digital Marketing Essentials

#LatinaGeeks partnered with UC San Diego Extended Studies on October 13th for a discussion on Digital Marketing Essentials. Jennifer Neely from UC San Diego Extended Studies joined us for a discussion to equip yourself with the basic fundamentals of digital marketing for #LatinaGeeks’ businesses, or companies that they work for.…...

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The Art of Landing Your Dream Job

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Amazon Jobs on June 15th for a discussion on “The Art of Landing Your Dream Job”. Katie Thomas and Damien Jaress from Amazon Jobs joined us for a discussion around crafting your resume and LinkedIn to be application-ready for a job at Amazon....

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Celebrating Gabriela “Gabby” Baker for Hispanic Heritage Month

To conclude our 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month spotlights, #LatinaGeeks is proud to feature Gabriela “Gabby” Baker, Digital Marketer and our San Diego Chapter President....

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#LatinaGeeks Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight – Suzy Reyes

This year OSO Digital, LLC selected #LatinaGeeks to spotlight for their Latinas Chingonas in San Diego for Hispanic Heritage Month campaign. We were beyond thrilled and honored to be considered and excited to have our very own Suzy Reyes, Vice President of the #LatinaGeeks San Diego chapter, and marketing consultant…...

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