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Digital Marketing Essentials

#LatinaGeeks partnered with UC San Diego Extended Studies on October 13th for a discussion on Digital Marketing Essentials. Jennifer Neely from UC San Diego Extended Studies joined us for a discussion to equip yourself with the basic fundamentals of digital marketing for #LatinaGeeks’ businesses, or companies that they work for.…...

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3 Ways Networking Boosts Your Career

Networking provides a host of benefits and here are 3 reasons why it’s important for your career and personal growth.   #1. Networking provides social benefits.   Many people have met life-long friends through networking. We’ve seen it time and time again at our in-person #LatinaGeeks events back in 2019 and continue…...

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Top Tech Jobs for Latinas in 2021

As the technology sector experiences massive growth, new jobs are added constantly across different departments and companies. For women planning to transition into tech, there is no better time than now to explore a potential career shift....

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How Cloud Services Empower Businesses

With today’s emerging technologies, businesses are booming. But as more companies continue to thrive and expand, they are acquiring more locations and employees, which need a robust and secure IT infrastructure to support it all....

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#LatinaGeeks Hosts Financial Planning Workshop in San Diego

Talking Finansas in our Latino homes is often a taboo. Many times when we start talking finances, the conversations go silent or we start talking about the next pachanga, the vecina, or vecina’s kids. On March 9, 2019 Bair Financial hosted a workshop in San Diego where 25 #LatinaGeeks gathered…...

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Latina Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Get Comfortable with Public Speaking

It's a common fear many of us share, that of public speaking. But in the case of a Latina entrepreneur, overcoming this obstacle is one of the most important things you will need to do to find success...

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