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How Cloud Services Empower Businesses

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With today’s emerging technologies, businesses are booming. But as more companies continue to thrive and expand, they are acquiring more locations and employees, which need a robust and secure IT infrastructure to support it all. Employees are working on desktops and mobile devices, using all kinds of business and personal applications. On top of that, more people are working remotely. A common problem is that many businesses are still being run on an on-prem network of servers and databases, supported by an IT manager who is typically  very  stressed. Organizations rely on IT leaders to keep a whole bunch of business-critical things alive and well, including patches, upgrades, backup and DR, security, help desk tickets, employee onboarding, and so much more. In most cases, IT departments are expected to do all of this, with limited time, resources, and budget. As organizations continue to grow, things only get more complicated with each new hire. 

So how does Cox Business Cloud Solutions help remove all the mess and stress? By offering a full portfolio of advanced managed cloud services powered by RapidScale, designed to help alleviate these challenges entirely. But what sets us apart from other managed cloud services providers is our expertise in application delivery, focus on security and compliance, and commitment to the “people” side of technology. We’ve eliminated the difficulty and confusion from IT – from design and testing through migration and management – so companies can maximize ROI and focus on projects that boost business revenue. 

Flexible enough for the small and midsize business, and powerful enough for the enterprise, Cox Business Cloud Solutions help organizations increase IT productivity, improve security, and empower remote workforces. Some organizations partner with Cox Business to manage portions of their IT, while others offload it all. Through our global network of data centers and our 24/7/365 high-touch support team, we obsess over creating an exceptional IT experience through a human approach to managed cloud. Our core solutions include: 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) 
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service  
  • Cloud Security  
  • SD-WAN 
  • Managed Microsoft 365 

This article was written by Cox Communications staff.

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