Latinas Learn Cloud Computing Webinar - #LatinaGeeks™


Latinas Learn Cloud Computing Webinar

Cloud Computing is an imperative skill to learn in today’s tech industry. In fact, 90% of companies are on the cloud. Experts say 60% of workloads are running on a hosted cloud service in 2019. For reference, the cloud hosted 45% of workloads in 2018. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) 

Our very own Samantha Huerta, Customer Engineer at Microsoft and President of the #LatinaGeeks LA Chapter taught our Latinas Learn Cloud Computing to an online audience of more than 350 attendees. She taught the community how to use the cloud and discussed the many different ways it is used today, covered the difference between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, as well as walked us through a demo of Microsoft Azure Portal. Our community walked away from this webinar with a deeper understanding of cloud computing and now know how to apply it to their lives. 

Our Latinas Learn Cloud Computing part 1 webinar was sponsored by Cox Communications and was represented by Paula Zamudio, Public Affairs Manager. Cox is committed to the diverse community and partnerships with organizations like #LatinaGeeks and has a long-standing commitment to both education as well as diversity and inclusion.

Many people don’t know that Cox is still a family-owned company! It was founded by James M. Cox, a former teacher who became governor of the state of Ohio and even ran for president. His legacy calls for the focus on education and still continues to this day. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, Cox has connected 38 thousand low-income families with up to four months of free internet through Connect2Compete, their low-cost internet program. In October 2020, Cox’s president and CEO pledged $60 million to help bridge the digital divide within the next year. 

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