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3 Ways Networking Boosts Your Career

#LatinaGeeks networking tips

Networking provides a host of benefits and here are 3 reasons why it’s important for your career and personal growth.  

#1. Networking provides social benefits.  

Many people have met life-long friends through networking. We’ve seen it time and time again at our in-person #LatinaGeeks events back in 2019 and continue to see how beneficial it is when connecting with your comunidad. Building relationships through networking can help you make strides in your career.  When someone you connect with thinks of you for an upcoming job offer, they’ll reach out because you’ll be top of mind. Or if you’re on the job hunt and remember connecting with a mutual person from that company, you could reach out as well. The benefits are endless!  

#2. Networking opens your mind to new ideas and philosophies.  

Hearing about what other people might be doing in their jobs inspires you and can spark a desire to learn new techniques or a new skill. Bringing new ideas to the table at your role will help you stand out and be successful. Networking provides a unique opportunity to learn growth strategies and make a personal connection with someone you might be inspired by. 

#3. Networking will give you an opportunity to engage with professionals at various levels in their career. 

At a networking event, there can be attendees from various companies and geographic locations. But did you consider how the person standing next to you could be the next CEO of Google?  

Anything is possible!  

Networking introduces you to experienced professionals. If you’re just starting in your career, this is a valuable way to get yourself out there and learn from the “less accessible” higher ups on a personal level. A handshake, eye contact and exchanging information is all that’s needed to make that connection.  

While getting out there and expressing yourself is not easy for a lot of people, just being in the room with professionals from various walks of life working in industries you’re hoping to be a part of can slowly help your journey as you expose yourself to their knowledge.  

Networking also opens the door to potential mentorship or job opportunities. Having a mentor is so valuable in any phase of your career, and a networking event will bring you in front of new faces eager to help. Also, you never know when someone may have a job opening that you were meant for. And you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t attended that event! 

If you’re interested in networking with other Latinas in tech, join us at the #LatinaGeeks Inspirada Awards Gala on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. It’ll be a night to remember as we plan to bring together a room of 250+ powerful Latinas and supporters to celebrate our diverse community. This year, we are honoring four Latina industry leaders who have pioneered innovation, fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship— and are using technology to create a transformative impact in our community, our companies, and our world. We are excited to also honor a ‘rising star’ whose vision and spirit of innovation are helping to make the world a better place. 

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