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Digital Marketing Essentials

#LatinaGeeks partnered with UC San Diego Extended Studies on October 13th for a discussion on Digital Marketing Essentials. Jennifer Neely from UC San Diego Extended Studies joined us for a discussion to equip yourself with the basic fundamentals of digital marketing for #LatinaGeeks’ businesses, or companies that they work for. So many insights were shared by Jennifer to our #LatinaGeeks community, you can check out the replay above.  

Some inspiring key takeaways from the session:   

  • Reviewing Digital Marketing terms to understand online marketing efforts on a deeper level. 
  • When preparing a digital marketing plan, figure out to Call to Actions first. Make them clear and think about what you want people online to do.  
  • Jennifer laid out the 5 Steps for setting your Digital Marketing Strategy:


#1 – Set a Measurable Goal 

#2 – Know Your Audience 

#3 – Know Your Brand  

#4 – Watch your Competition 

#5 – Get ready to Measure  

We want to thank the UC San Diego Extended Studies team for providing such valuable insight and tips on digital marketing for our #LatinaGeeks community.  

Special thank you for also generously providing a 15% discount to #LatinaGeeks attendees for a Winter/Spring UCSD Extended Studies course. For attendees who joined us live and filled out our survey, we chose 1 lucky winner for a free UC San Diego Extended Studies course!   

Look out for our future workshops for an opportunity to win incredible giveaways from sponsors when possible.  


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