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Professional Growth Workshop – Unleashing Your Personal Brand and Job Resiliency 


#LatinaGeeks partnered with Intuit on Saturday, September 23rd, to host a Professional Growth Workshop that featured an insightful panel discussion and a hands-on workshop. The event was an opportunity for attendees to explore personal branding and gain valuable insights into the Intuit hiring process and job resiliency. 

The day began with a continental breakfast provided by local San Diego bakery, Nutmeg. As participants arrived, they had the chance to reconnect and engage in meaningful conversations, marking their first in-person community workshop since 2020. The #LatinaGeeks team commenced the day by delving into the organization’s history, the event’s purpose, and the significance of their partnership with Intuit. 

Attendees were divided into two small groups. The first group had listened to an informative and inspiring panel, while the other group actively participated in a hands-on workshop.  

The panelists offered valuable insights into the Intuit hiring process, taking attendees through the journey from application to interviews to official hiring. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise added depth to the discussion. The panelists included: 

  1. Ruby Sherman, IT Group Manager – LinkedIn 
  2. Vanessa Mathew, Talent Acquisition Leader and Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach – LinkedIn 
  3. Dan Chmielewski, Talent Acquisition Lead – LinkedIn 
  4. Celeste Dimas, People Manager – LinkedIn 

Additionally, an intimate workshop was led by Damion Wright from Intuit, where attendees explored their personal values and learned how to apply them to their work. 

Damion Wright, Global DE&I Programs – LinkedIn 

Key takeaways from both the panel discussion and the workshop included: 

  1. Identify Your Values: Write down your personal values and understand how to align them with your work. 
  2. Value-Driven Job Search: Consider whether the job requirements align with your values during your job search. 
  3. Personal Connection: When interviewing for a role, establish a personal connection with the hiring manager, even through small details, to break the ice. 
  4. Professional Presentation: Enhance your presentation materials by incorporating the company’s logo and branding. 
  5. Networking: Actively seek networking opportunities to expand your resources and open doors to more job opportunities. 

The day concluded outside with networking and lunch, courtesy of Chacho’s tacos. 

Resources and Information about careers at Intuit:  


Special thanks to our partners at Intuit for facilitating this workshop.