Cybersecurity + AI Fundamentals with Microsoft Recap


In-Person Event: Cybersecurity + AI Fundamentals with Microsoft Recap

The #LatinaGeeks Los Angeles Chapter partnered with Microsoft for our first in-person event of 2023: “Cybersecurity + AI Fundamentals”.

Our instructor Brian Santacruz kicked off our event after breakfast with a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity and its importance in today’s industries. Raymond Nassar finished off the day after lunch with an exciting discussion on Generative AI and what the future of AI looks like. 

During our breaks, our attendees took the time to get to know one another and forge new networks and friendships!

We’ve received amazing feedback from our attendees on this event and we hope to have another in-person event soon!

Special thanks to our volunteers and instructors for the excellent presentations and discussion on cybersecurity! 

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