Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, many of us find ourselves working or teaching from home and taking our conversations online. Now more than ever, people need to know that their virtual conversations are private and secure. At Microsoft, privacy and security are never an afterthought. This is why we would like to introduce our community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, teachers, and parents to Microsoft Teams. Together, Microsoft engineers and #LatinaGeeks team will review Microsoft Teams, to outline what is it, its features, benefits and future plans. Find out how it can help you stay more efficient, no matter who you are.  


    • Sal Rosales, MicrosoftPower Platform Premier Engineer & Board Chair of #LatinaGeeks 
    • Samantha Huerta, Microsoft, Premier Field Engineer & Los Angeles Chapter President 
    • Jennifer M Castro, Microsoft, Education Expert 

This will be a live session, be prepared to participate and ask our instructors questions. 

Recommendations & Requirements

  • All #LatinaGeeks members will receive an email before the event to join the link on the browser to access the webcast. 
  • Recommended browsers: For the best experience please use one of these browsers Edge, New Chromium Edge, and Chrome.
  • Must be a #LatinaGeeks member to access the webinar. Registration is free, sign up here.

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