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Univision Segment: How to Avoid Online Fraud When Holiday Shopping

With Covid restrictions limiting in-person shopping and retail store capacity this holiday seasonyou may be among the millions of Americans turning to the internet to purchase gifts for family and friends

To avoid online scammers and cyber fraud when shopping online, check out tips our #LatinaGeeks team shared with Claudia Botero on Noticias Univision 34: 

Be Cautious of Facebook Ads 

Facebook, and social media sites in general, are trusted by users as safe sites. However, fake “companies” can easily run advertisements on these forums to attract new customers — or more accurately, victimsBe cautious when purchasing from sites that advertise on social media sites if their website is not secureor located in foreign countries, which leads us to the second point 

Only Shop on Secure Websites  

Be sure to only shop on websites with an https URL rather than http. The “S” at the end signifies that this website is safe for online transactions. If you are considering buying from a site that does not meet this requirement, be sure to… 

Pay with a Credit Card 

Credit card companies often have built-in protections against cyber fraud such as shopping scams. If you report cyber fraud to your credit card company, they are able to investigate the claim and refund you partially or in fullOn the other hand, if you pay with a debit card on an unsafe site, the money you spent may be irrecoverable.  

In the event that you become a victim of this kind of online fraud, be sure to file a complaint on the Federal Trade Commission’s website hereIn this case, the government will investigate the company that defrauded you (and likely many other unsuspecting online shoppers) and may shut them down permanently 

This article was written by Laura Dominguez 

Laura immigrated to the U.S. from Colombia in 2008, and now lives in sunny Los Angeles, California. In her job as a Career Services Manager at Flockjay, she helps “nontraditional” job-seekers launch their career in Tech Sales. Laura specializes in working with underrepresented minorities, and is passionate about helping tech companies meet their D&I goals, one hire at a time. In addition to #LatinaGeeks, Laura has worked with 4.0 Schools and Saturday Business Academy in Southern California.