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Latinas Learn Financial Management with Intuit

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Intuit on Thursday, March 25th to present an enriching virtual opportunity for Latinas to learn financial management using QuickBooks 

As you all know, we drive our workshops based on our member’s feedback. For a couple of years, our community has been asking for a small business tool.  So when the partnership with Intuit began, we were quick to ask for host a workshop on QuickBooks, an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. 

This interactive workshop brought together self-employed, small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn the essentials of bookkeeping, accounting for business and payroll using QuickBooks from experts at Intuit. 

During this session, the attendees broke out into 3 breakout rooms with a QuickBooks expert. The breakout rooms were based on experience and interest of QuickBooks: 2 rooms covered an introduction to QuickBooks and 1 room was for those who already use QuickBooks and wanted to learn more. The topics covered were Introducing QuickBooks Online and its features, Navigating QuickBooks Online with tips on how to manage account settings, learning to manage the navigation bar, modifying lists and account management.  

Kimbra Brookstein, who is also a #LatinaGeeks board member and our sponsor from Intuit, presented on Intuit’s growth opportunities in business such as Intuit CareersTech Women @ Intuit. CC Woolfolk from Intuit’s Latino ERG, Intuit Latinos Network, shared their 3 pillars: UnirCrecer y Servir. As part of this workshop, Intuit generously donated one-year subscription of QuickBooks Online PLUS a complimentary set-up session with one of the instructors from the workshop. Thank you, Intuit, as this will be going to a well-deserved #LatinaGeek planning to utilize this for her families’ business.  

Our Winner Sarai Herrera was selected, her family owns a small business. 

“Thank you for selecting me as the recipient of the award! Additionally I would like to thank you and Latina Geeks for organizing the event. It was a pleasure to learn more about Latina Geeks and QuickBooks. I now have a better understanding of not only QuickBooks but also other financial information I need to look into on behalf of my dad and his new construction company. I’ve been searching for information and resources for small/new businesses and I’m very glad to have found this with LatinaGeeks. 

We are excited to review our member’s feedback to plan out our next events with your input in mind!  

This workshop was focused on our entrepreneur and small business amigas, read what our attendees had to say about our event with Intuit: 

“I decided to join because #LatinaGeeks events are always very informative and give me a place to ask questions and receive helpful answers.

“The presenter was very good, I could listen to her explanations for hours, so I would have liked a little more time with her, at least half more hour, but the 1.5 hour format is good for most other webinars.

“I really enjoyed the walkthrough of the website, it was helpful to get a good feel of what QuickBooks looks like and what it can do for a business. I liked the whole session, it was well organized and before I knew it we were already at the end. Thank you 🙂

“I wanted to learn more about QuickBooks to enhance my skills and for my business.

“My daughter thought i would benefit from it.  This was the best decision I made to attend this webinar.  I have taken so much knowledge and ready to start.  I wish i would have asked how or where to i purchase.

“I wanted to meet other entrepreneurs and talk more about how QB has been helpful in our business and sort of have the QB/ Intuit person gives us more advice of tools we could use to make the workflow better. 

Special thanks to the instructors and for the continued support from Intuit: