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#LatinaGeeks Learn: Stand out to Amazon

#LatinaGeeks partnered with Amazon on Wednesday, September 29th for a #LatinaGeeks Learn: Stand out to Amazon webinar, focusing on the interview and hiring process within the company.  

Amazon now employs almost 1 million people in the U.S. and the company shared that the demand for employees still remains high. In fact, 1 out of every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee. (Source: Business Insider) So we ask: how can we stand out in an interview when applying at Amazon? 

Our instructors, who are also recruiters at Amazon, helped demystify and gave us tips on how to stand out and how to manage interviews.  

  • Damien Jaress, Client Lead Recruiter and 4-year Amazonian walked us through Resume Building tips and LinkedIn Optimization.  
  • Poornima Veeranna, Software Development Manager and 1-year Amazonian walked us through Assessments at Amazon.  
  • Steph Gamino, Sr Program Manager and 8-year Amazonian gave tips on handling phone interviews.  

We also got to learn about Amazon and their leadership principals. Of those 16 principles, a few that stood out are: 

  • Learn and be Curious.  
  • Have a backbone. 
  • Disagree. 
  • Commit and insist on the highest standards.  

The Amazon team also gave us insight to technical interviews. They shared, interviews are meant to be collaborative, and recommend talking through the process out loud with the interviewer and work to solve the problem with them. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are important to our comunidad, here are some statistics: 

  • Women make up 31.4% of U.S. corporate employees, up 1.4% from 2019.  
  • Black employees make up 7.2%, up from 5.4%.  
  • White employees make up 47%, down from 48.4%;  
  • Asian employees make up 34.8%, down from 36.2%;  
  • LatinX workers make up 7.5%, up from 6.6%.  

We are pleased to share that if you are interested in applying at Amazon, you can access our job board and find jobs here: https://jobs.latinageeks.com/ 

Special thanks to the instructors and for the continued support from Amazon. 

Hear what our community had to say about the event: 

“I will apply the learnings to my upcoming interviews with Amazon.” 

“Able to interact with Amazon recruiters and build community with others also looking to be hired with amazon” 

“My favorite part was being able to ask questions on the information given by Amazon” 

“The presenters gave terrific tips on how to get your resume pulled appropriately.  They also gave useful info on how to prepare for the interviews.” 

“I decided to join this webinar because it helped me to clear my doubts, it motivated me. I learned alot which was very helpful for my future.” 

“I liked how the presentation was well thought and easy to follow. And the LinkedIn tips.”