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#LatinaTechHistory: Introducing Diana Trujillo of NASA

Diana Trujillo, NASA

In honor of #LatinaGeek’s 10th anniversary, we’re launching a #LatinaTechHistory campaign focused on educating our community on Latinas in tech who have made history and continue to shape the technology field.

We hope you find this series educational and thought-provoking as you continue your own journey in tech.

We’re kicking it off with Diana Trujillo, Technical Group Supervisor for Sequence Planning and Execution and a Tactical Mission Lead for the Mars Perseverance rover at NASA.

Diana is an aerospace engineer who always wanted to reach the stars. Being raised in Cali, Colombia, getting to NASA has been a dream she thought was unreachable.

She immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 17 to pursue this dream and enrolled in English-as-a-second-language courses and worked full time to support her studies at Miami-Dade community college and later at the University of Florida and the University of Maryland where she earned her BS in Aerospace Engineering.

She has held several roles for NASA and JPL, including Mars Curiosity rover mission lead, deputy project system engineer, and Deputy Team Chief of Engineering Operations on Curiosity.

Diana also co-created and hosted #JuntosPerseveramos– meaning “together, we persevere,” NASA’s first-ever Spanish-language live broadcast of a planetary landing, for Perseverance’s arrival on Mars, which attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

Diana is a fearless trailblazer of the unknown and if there’s anything to take away from her tenacity, continue to work for your dreams because the hard work will unlock your potential and make those dreams become a reality.  We are proud to highlight Diana’s incredible achievements and legacy in our first #LatinasTechHistory series as we recognize and honor more Latina trailblazers at our 10th Anniversary celebration.                                                   

We invite you to join us at our upcoming celebration at our first #LatinaGeeks Inspirada Awards Gala as we celebrate Latina achievements in technology on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. 

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Stay tuned for our next #LatinaTechHistory where we highlight a trailblazer in the radio and podcasting world who is re-imagining the future of radio.