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Celebrating Geena “the Latina” Aguilar for Hispanic Heritage Month

Geena “the Latina” Aguilar

#LatinaGeeks features Geena “The Latina” Aguilar from Channel 93.3 in San Diego for Hispanic Heritage Month. Being a highly recognized Latina radio personality in San Diego who consistently gives back to the community with her good vibes and grounded roots, we’ve asked her to provide some professional and personal insights and tips for the #LatinaGeeks community.

Originally from Los Angeles, now residing in San Diego, Geena the Latina has been a staple on San Diego’s #1 Hit Music Station, Channel 93.3, for almost 14 years now. Arguably one of the most recognized and beloved radio personalities in San Diego, she was voted as “Best Radio Personality” in the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2019. Geena also has a weekly TV segment on Fox 5 San Diego.

Geena made her start in her career as an intern at a radio station in LA during college. She eventually got hired on the street team and worked her way up to becoming an on-field reporter for various radio shows which led her to San Diego. She started in San Diego as a co-host and moved her way up to now being the host of the Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning radio show on Channel 93.3.

When asked what the biggest challenges are that she’s had to overcome and what she’s learned from them, she shares, “Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has been extremely hard. Having to face the challenges of establishing equality in the workplace has been beyond difficult, frustrating, and upsetting at times. The realization that we, as women, still have a long way to go as far as equality in the workplace gets exhausting sometimes. My advice is to keep fighting for what you have earned and deserve. Even if we may never see the change in our lifetime, the way I look at it is, I’m fighting for the younger generation of women; so that they won’t have to fight for what they have earned and deserve. Fight for the future.”

Geena’s mantra is: Always stay honest and true to yourself. Work hard, be kind, and everything will happen as it’s supposed to. The advice she would give to her younger self is this: “No one will ever judge you as much as you judge yourself so stop with the judgment. It does nothing for you.”

We asked Geena what advice or strategies would she recommend to someone who is looking to grow in their career or achieve a more prominent role in their organization, she states: “Work hard, be prepared, know your stuff, and fight for your place. Make your voice heard and stand confident in your beliefs. Be brave. As long as you believe in your heart that you are always doing the right thing, it will all work out in the end. Oh — and drop the ego. Ego gets you nowhere. There’s a difference between being confident and working solely based on ego. Detach from the ego. The ego only brings destruction.”

This article was written by Suzy Reyes.

Suzy has been a contributing writer for #LatinaGeeks since 2016 and currently serves as the Secretary for the #LatinaGeeks San Diego Chapter where she is an integral part of planning, coordinating, and executing community events. She loves to network with her fellow Latinas in technology and shares the common good of the community, friendship, and most of all giving back. Connect with her on LinkedIn.