Celebrating Dr. Vanessa Monterosa for Hispanic Heritage Month - #LatinaGeeks™


Celebrating Dr. Vanessa Monterosa for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, Vanessa Monterosa

#LatinaGeeks features Dr. Vanessa Monterosa, an expert in digital strategy and executive communications, for Hispanic Heritage month. With more than 10 years of strategic programming and planning experience in the education field, we’ve asked her to share her professional and personal insights with the #LatinaGeeks community.

Dr. Monterosa is a trained qualitative researcher passionate about collecting, synthesizing, and uplifting narratives that impact K-12 and higher education. She’s also an entrepreneurial, systems-level, and analytical leader focused on developing innovative initiatives that inspire and build the capacity of others. Currently, she engages in praxis-oriented work within L.A. Unified designing digital citizenship programs for educators district-wide.

For the last 6 years, Dr. Monterosa has supported educators in becoming edtech leaders across the Los Angeles Unified School District. She joined LAUSD in 2014 to support the district in co-authoring the 1st Social Media Policy for Students and since then her work has grown to authoring district-wide reports on digital literacy. Dr. Monterosa has published across regional and national publications highlighting the importance of education technology, as well as designing and delivering training to thousands of educators across the district on the critical role of our digital presence online.  

Dr. Monterosa didn’t anticipate a career in the K-12 space, but says, “our lives take interesting and necessary turns.” Her biggest career challenge was realizing her decade-long commitment to become a tenure-track professor wasn’t exciting for her anymore. She knew it wasn’t what she wanted to do, so figuring out her next move was difficult. When she finally decided to transfer from a Ph.D. to an Ed.D. program, she knew it was the best choice she ever made. She states, “In having this career identity crisis, I learned to trust my skills, my gifts, my unique lens that I bring to any career table that I join.” Some advice she would give to her younger self would be to reach for the stars and not second guess herself on her unique perspective of the world when it comes to technology.

Never stop being a learner. The best leaders are the ones who know there is always more room to learn and grow. - @EdTech_FTW via @LatinaGeeks Click To Tweet

When we asked her what guidance she would give to someone who is looking to grow in their career or achieve a more prominent role in her organization, she shares this: “Take advantage of learning opportunities that support your professional growth. If your organization has in-house leadership programs, apply for them and join professional organizations to cultivate your professional community. Never stop being a learner. The best leaders are the ones who know there is always more room to learn and grow.”

This article was written by Suzy Reyes.

Suzy has been a contributing writer for #LatinaGeeks since 2016 and currently serves as the Secretary for the #LatinaGeeks San Diego Chapter where she is an integral part of planning, coordinating, and executing community events. She loves to network with her fellow Latinas in technology and shares the common good of the community, friendship, and most of all giving back. Connect with her on LinkedIn.